Welcome to Nidus Aquilae

Nidus Aquilae Hospital (Formerly Grace Springs medical Centre) is an independent multi-specialist hospital established 14 years ago to provide excellent and affordable medical services. Since inception, we have consistently introduced state-of-the-art medical technologies and advances, ensuring that our patients have an experience comparable to what is obtainable anywhere in the world. We recently had a re-investment, restructuring and rebranding exercise towards positioning us as a leader in health care delivery.
At Nidus Aquilae Hospital, we treat our patients with integrity, passion and compassion, putting them at the centre of our processes and procedures. We recognize that each patient is unique, with intrinsic needs which are emphasized in our treatment and care delivery. Our doctors and specialists have a unique collaborative approach that allows them create individualized treatment plans based on each patient’s overall medical needs.
We have a multi-professional approach to patient care and provide an environment that affords staff and patients to build on communication, generating loyalty and trust. We emphasize team work, treating everyone with dignity, professionalism and respect.

Nidus Aquilae Hospital is committed to constantly improving our patient experience. We continuously measure, assess and improve our systems, processes and procedures, not only to ensure our patients get outstanding care, but also have a lasting experience.
Our team is made up of highly trained, experience specialists and dedicated medical personnel working with latest medical technologies, complimented by a sound and responsive administrative team.
Nidus Aquilae Hospital is the difference between practicing medicine and leading it. We are an organization that is passionately committed to providing outstanding care and we are confident that our patients’ experience will always reflect this.

Core Values

To be a global health care institution providing outstanding patient service, using the latest medical advances and technologies.


  • To be a global healthcare institution leading change in healthcare
  • To redefine healthcare by using latest technologies and medical advances in patient care delivery
  • To provide outstanding patient service
  • To put our patients and their needs at the centre of all we do.
  • To be a hospital that meets the health needs of the society


  • Excellence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Integrity
  • Affordability
  • Team work