Fee for Service
The Fee for service option is a payment model where services are unbundled and paid for separately. Patients are able to access any and all services that are essential for their health. Patients make payments for service received at every visit. . The merit of this service is that you only pay for services received when you are ill and there are no exclusions or benefit limits. This is unlike health Insurance where there maybe limits to the type of treatment being received.
We also offer Individual/Family Packages where monthly payment may be made. This package is open to loyal customers and it is at the discretion of management.

This package is available to companies with member population of not less than 10. It is a model where the organization appoints and retains Nidus Aquilae Hospital as its provider of diagnostic and therapeutic medical services. Staff of such an organization is able to access care at any time without the hassle of having to make out of pocket payments. This service can also be tailored to meet the needs of the organization such that benefits and exclusions are agreed with the hospital.
Under this scheme, the organization makes an initial deposit of an agreed sum. Thereafter, invoices will be issued to the organization on a monthly basis after employees have accessed care. It is important to note that a minimum of N100,000 will be left from this deposit at every point in time and top-ups made occasionally to serve as a revolving fund.

Health Insurance
Nidus Aquilae is accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to offer primary and secondary care services. We are also registered with most of the leading Health maintenance organizations (HMO) in the country. Patients registered with these HMOs can access care in our hospital. Services received will be dependent of on the patient’s insurance policy, care benefits and cost limits.

Nidus Premium Care
Nidus Premium Care is a special priority service for company executives who lead a busy life and as such require immediate access to our doctors. Patients are received in an exclusive lounge where they are made comfortable and immediately ushered to see their doctors. The service maintains an uncompromising commitment to placing the patient’s needs and concerns first and above. In addition, members have loyalty cards which gives access and discounts at top spas, restaurants and shops.

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