Nidus Aquilae Service Options

Fee for Service The Fee for service option is a payment model where services are unbundled and paid for separately. Patients are able to access any and all services that are essential for their health. Patients make payments for service received at every visit. . The merit of this service is that you only pay…


Our pediatric specialists have significant expertise and experience in treating children with various diseases. The needs of our patients come first. Our team of pediatric experts focuses on one child and family at a time. We treat each child and family with compassion and respect. paediatric clinic is designed to allow your children receive care…


Nidus Aquilae Hospital offers in-patient services which includes private and semi-private rooms. We also offer 24-hours catering services, cable TV and Wi-Fi. Our rooms have been tastefully designed and furnished to provide an environment that gives maximum comfort, quick recovery and “a feel of home away from home”.

Dental Services

At Nidus Aquilae hospital, we are committed to delivering the best oral health care for our patients in a hospital setting. We offer comprehensive dental care for all ages to restore and maintain the health of teeth and gums. Our dental clinic provides the most affordable dental care that is obtainable. We have qualified dentists…

Emergency Medicine

Nidus Aquilae emergency medicine department is open 24/7/365 to provide you with the highest quality, immediate care for everything from minor to life-threatening emergencies. Recognizing that time is of the essence, we work across all specialties to provide compassionate, innovative care to patients suffering from a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, using the latest…

Anaesthesia and Pain Management

Anesthesia involves the careful, controlled use of medications to block pain and sedate patients during surgery, screening and diagnostic procedures. At Nidus Aquilae, our team of consultant anaesthesiologist, nurse anesthetists and technicians provide patients with safe and personalized care. Four types of anesthesia are commonly used: sedation, local, regional or general. The type of anesthesia…


Nidus Aquilae Hospital offers a patient-centred, specialist led cardiology service. Our service uses the latest medical advances to treat and prevent heart conditions. The services includes a full of range of investigations, treatments and management of cardiac conditions.


At Nidus Aquilae hospital, we have a team of endocrinologists who are able to diagnose, treat, manage and follow up patients with varied endocrine diseases with a view of reducing the risks of developing complications. We also run a diabetic health and counseling class for our patients and offer nutritional and dietary advice during these…