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Dental Implants

We offer both Class A and Class B services o   We offer class A services, which include oral examinations,…

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We have qualified paediatricians with many years of experience. Your infants, children and adolescents are in save hands…

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Laboratory Tests

Our laboratory services include: Complete Blood count, Prothrombin Time (PT and Pro Time), Basic Metabolic Panel Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Lipid panel, - Read More

Operation Theater

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Our Cardiology service is available 24hours a day with doctors on ground to attend to all cardio related…

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Our obstetrics and gynaecology services are usually on Thursdays and Saturdays. We have professional obstetrics gynaecologists with many…

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Our pharmacy has almost all drugs our patients need. You do not have to go out looking for…

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Health screening unit

Health screening unit: Health screening is available for all ages and group of people.

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